Our Story

Established in 2001, Windsor Medical Center has been a family owned business founded by Dr. Sri Sujanthy Rajaram and Dr. Rajaram Kandasamy. At the time both doctors has dubbed themselves "The New Doctors in the Neighborhood", starting off as a small practice that's always been located in Locust Corner with Tahani Elabed as our office manager who's been there since the beginning. My parents would drive my two sisters and I to other local businesses such as the shops in Princeton Arms Center and Southfield Shopping Center for us to drop off our newly made business cards, that was 2001 now fast forward to the present and we still provide the same quality service to the area, though the doctors are no longer the "new doctors in the neighborhood" but rather now the "doctors in the neighborhood". Our practice has been a well-respected name by many local residents of West Windsor, Plainsboro, East Windsor, Hightstown, Princeton, Cranbury, Hamilton, Robbinsville and Trenton. As a local business we have been actively involved in the West Windsor, Plainsboro and East Windsor community, known for our animal conservation efforts around town and our support of the preserving West Windsor, Plainsboro and East Windsors historical farmland/open spaces. We have been featured in the Star Ledger for our relief work for the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. We recently expanded our business and also became Med Sleep LLC which is headed by Dr.Rajaram, she serves part-time at our main office in East Windsor, NJ ( in certain occasions Dr.Rajaram has limited availability at our satellite office in Union, NJ). Both physicians work full time at hospitals, therefore to reach areas close to the hospital where Dr.Kandasamy works, we opened up a satellite location in Elizabeth, NJ in 2015 and then shifted our satellite office to Union, NJ in 2018, where Dr.Kandasamy continues to serve our patients in both the Elizabeth and Union areas. Our patients clientele are our top priority here and we provide wheelchair accessibility among other accommodations to support and serve our wide diversity of patients, at our inclusive business we follow the motto "All are welcome. Come as you are", thus our community is open to any and all who seek medical services, we love the diversity that our base bring us, it is one of our greatest strengths. Understanding and compassion are our core values here and we take to help all our patients optimize their health. Our business is built on the foundation of the American dream and thus we are a patriotic practice that loves the American values of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness. We support our veterans and serviceman who have defended the freedoms the United States of America grants us. Windsor Medical Center is the very definition of a evolving and growing business success story, always keep current we have extended our point of sale to match security needs and cutting edge technology. We implemented the acceptance of chip cards and contactless payments as a measure of increasing payment security, our wider array of payment methods allow us to keep up with the fast pace of the times, we are so on the forefront of catering to the needs of the global ever-changing society that in 2015 we began accepting cryptocurrencies. We take Bitcoin, Tron and many other cryptocurrencies, see more on our payment FAQ page. We are one of the first businesses in the Princeton and Hightstown area to take cryptocurrencies.